Welcome to DavisMonoplane.com, a website dedicated to the Davis Monoplane, a rare vintage aircraft designed and built in Richmond, Indiana by Walter C. Davis from 1929 to 1930. The petite Davis parasol-type monoplane was an enchanting and strictly for-fun airplane that has enjoyed a long lasting popularity. The Davis monoplane evolved from the Vulcan American Moth after Walted C. Davis acquired the Vulcan Aircraft and Doyle Aircraft companies. Davis Aircraft manufactured seven different Davis models in its short life, and a total of approximately 60 aircraft. These aircraft included the Davis D-1 (23 aircraft), the D-1-66 (4 aircraft), the D-1-K (11 aircraft), the D-1-L (aka D-1-85 - 1 aircraft), the D-1-W (8 aircraft converted from D-1-K's), the 1929 racer (1 aircraft) and the V-3 (22 aircraft). Today only a handful of airplanes remain spread out throughout the United States, Mexico and Argentina, of which only four or five are in flying condition, and at least 4 are currently being restored.

The mision of DavisMonoplane.com is to provide a place for Davis monoplane owners and enthusiasts to share information, specifications and stories of the few Davis aircraft remaining. A complete set of plans (scanned from the original plans) has been obtained and will be made available through this webpage in a couple of months. We hope to also include more and better information of all of the Davis monoplanes out there as well as all restoration projects underway.

This page is currently under construction and will be updated shortly. If you need any information or would like to contribute to this webpage, please contact us through support@davismonoplane.com or call us toll free at 1-888-239-7973 (internationally you can call Mexico at 52-442-186-1036).

Some pictures of Davis aircraft on record:

Davis D-1-W - N854N - Owner - Charlotte, North Carolina

Davis V3 - N867H - Owner - John R. Geist - Elk City, Oklahoma Davis D-1-W - N532K - Owner - Rhinebeck Aerodrome, New York
Davis D-1K - NC151Y - Owner - Charlie Pettit - Hysperia, California Davis D-1K - NC12476 - Owner - Terry Wallace - Bedford, Texas Davis D-1K - XB-AEI - Owner - Alex Gutierrez - Queretaro, Mexico
Davis D-1K - NC77N - Owner - Unknown - San Carlos, California Davis D-1-W - N13546 - Owner - Gene Chase - Oshkosh, Wisconsin Davis D-1W - N13576 - Owner - Roy Wicker - Quitman, Georgia
Davis D-166 - N647N - Owner - Unknown Davis V3 - LV-RAA - Owner - Roberto Ruiz - Buenos Aires, Argentina / Toledo, España Davis V3 - NX380 - Owner - Owner - Unknown

List of digitalized plans & documents available. To get a copy of these palns, call us toll free at 1-888-239-7973 and we will gladly help you:

List of Plans

Example of Drawings available:

File 0009D - Fuselage Structure

File 0006-1117 - Aileron Bell crank:

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